gpg-agent automatically use passphrase for signing subkey?

Chris Poole lists at
Thu Jul 21 17:40:17 CEST 2011

Perhaps I explained poorly.

I'm using gpg 1.4.11, gpg-agent 2.0.17.

Is it possible to enter a passphrase using gpg-agent, and have it cached such
that it's used whenever I want to use any subkeys from the same main key?


I sign a file with my signing subkey, and give gpg-agent my passphrase.

I then decrypt another file, which has been encrypted using my encryption key,
which is a sister subkey to the signing key (i.e., they both have the same
parent 'main key'). Is it possible to not be prompted for my passphrase again
for this operation?

I understand that they're separate keys, so I'm being prompted twice, but they
are both belonging to the same primary key: can that passphrase apply to all
subkeys when entered for any one?

I hope that clarifies what I want to do...


Chris Poole
[PGP BAD246F9]

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