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Fri Jul 22 08:34:59 CEST 2011

On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 06:01:23PM -0600, Jay Litwyn wrote:
> Note: my signatures break without pgp/mime,
> because Thunderbird is modifying my text after
> it signs my text, and I can't use pgp/mime,
> so I am using gpg -sa

I have used Thunderbird with GnuPG extensively on Windows, Mac OS X and
GNU/Linux, without problem. I prefer PGP/MIME for my signatures, and have
never had that problem. So, I'm guessing that you have something going on
with your installation that is not standard.

Also, it appears your wrapping your lines at 50 characters. Why so short? I
can understand 72, so it gives room for nested replies four-deep up to 80
characters, but 50 seems really short. Just curious.

> I jenerated 1 440 000 bytes (800x600 RGB) with:
> gpg --no-armor --gen-random 0 1440000 >prand.raw
> I also did it with one. I see no histogram
> difference in either graphic, so I did not
> post a graphic for one. I did not do
> it with two, because gpg was telling me
> that I should enable disk performance
> counters, while windows was telling me that
> disk performance counters are permanently
> enabled for all versions beyond 2000.
> All three of them outperform /dev/random
> under Mandrake circa 2005 by a long shot,
> probably because Mandrake waited for events,
> so it actually performed better if I raised
> X-windows during the copy from /dev/random
> Both graphics were uncompressible, meaning
> that png gets a slight expansion to
> 1 441 159 bytes (without the histogram).
> Grayscale histograms were flat in both
> of them. A histogram in that graphic reflects
> high quality uniformly distributed random
> numbers.
> A simple pseudo-random number jenerator
> that I wrote on
> haz a very similar histogram.

Interesting. Additional comment from Werner, or others, on your findings
would be welcomed on my end.

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