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On 2011-07-28 8:01 AM, MFPA wrote:
> Hi
> On Thursday 28 July 2011 at 12:53:41 PM, in 
> <mid:4E314DC5.4000507 at>, Jay Litwyn wrote:
>> Attaching a photo to your public key might help. So might putting
>> a phone number on your public key.
> I'm not too convinced a photo would help much. I could create a key 
> and include a photo obtained from the internet...

Do not sign my photo until you see me in person, although it would be
tricky to fake photo-id production on skype. Photo-id doesn't make very
good single frames, but change the angle on television and those chrome
things flicker and move...

> A phone number would only help if the person ringing it knew you well
> enough to recognise your voice on the phone. Even then, somebody 
> could record your voice and use it create an answerphone message...

That is what a signed mp3 in my comment is about, and just in case you
do not follow links in message source [comments] very often...
(I will never call it a thumbprint or a fingerprint; key hash)
Kleopatra won't handle that file...says no data, and gpg will handle it
on a command line, making an mp3 out of it.

Additionally, you can do a reverse lookup on my phone number and at
least see if I am lying about my given and family names, according to a
corporation that my library used to verify my identity.

My bottom line is that photos and phone numbers do not hurt.
Quantum Mechanics do it on fields and in time.
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