Problem with faked-system-time option

Jerome Baum jerome at
Sat Jun 18 02:52:14 CEST 2011

>>> if you cheat your employer out of their money,
> The scenario stated that a fluctuating work volume resulted in periods
> when there was no work to do. Using that time for your own purposes
> does not look to me like cheating your employer.

In that case you have nothing to fear from your timestamp.

I personally hold the opinion that you should have a good work
relationship with your employer (including your manager), and
therefore when there is really no work to do, using it for learning
new stuff, or yes even for reading /. or TDWTF, shouldn't lead to a
court case. But, of course, you should discuss with your manager when
there is no work to do, and get their permission first. If you go
ahead and make this decision on your own, then yes you are cheating
your employer -- he might have had work for you to do if only you had
told him there's nothing left.

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