[gpgtools-users] "This key may be unsafe"

Alexander Willner alex at willner.ws
Mon Mar 7 23:50:13 CET 2011


in this context: http://www.keylength.com/en/compare/

Best regards, Alex

On 07.03.2011, at 22:03, Charly Avital wrote:

> GPG Keychain Access 0.8.4 shows a red warning 'This key maybe unsafe'
> for *any* key with a length equal or inferior to 1024 bits.
> GPG Keychain Access 0.8.4 is a GUI for key management for Mac users.
> <http://www.gpgtools.org/keychain.html>
> A Google search with key sentence "This key maybe unsafe" between
> inverted commas, to limit the search to the whole sentence, displays
> hits that relate directly or indirectly (Twitter) only to GPGTools' lists.
> I am cross-posting to gnupg-users to try and get more feedback about
> this issue:
> Are keys whose length is equal or inferior to 1024 bits *unsafe*?
> If so, how are they unsafe?
> Where is this key length unsafe situation documented?
> As a personal example, my primary key A57A8EFA is a DSA "old" 1024 bit
> key, but its encryption subkey is 2048 bit long, and I use a sign-only
> 2048 bit long RSA subkey. I also get that red warning with GPG Keychain
> Access 0.8.4
> TIA.
> Charly
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