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On 03/13/2011 09:21 PM, Jonathan Ely wrote:
> I apologise in advance if this is a stupid question to ask now or if
> people already asked it before I stepped on the scene, but which
> algorithm is more secure: DSA and EL GAMAL or RSA? I know the latter has
> undergone a ridiculous amount of scrutiny and is immensely popular. I
> also know it generates longer keys.

Fortunately, GnuPG ships with good PRNG support, so the value for k can
be guaranteed to be "random enough" to hold the security of DSA in
place. However, DSA is fragile enough that if for any reason, your PRNG
doesn't generate a good k, the private key can be generated.

RSA, afaict, doesn't suffer from this.

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