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Mon Mar 14 13:23:27 CET 2011

I had used the above -- obsolete/MIT distribution of PGP for some time. 
It is unfortunately, obsolete: it had a much better GUI than GnuPG,
especially when you wanted to examine a key.

I think though that PGP has an assortment of different levels of
support; the above being only valid through Level 6.  someplace int he
documentation I think I remember seeing that for the current GnuPG to
support level 6 keys you have to set some kind of switches. 

dunno; i stopped researching this and switched entirely to GnuPG.

I don't like GPA and I don't like Cleopatra either.  In the first place
you should need only 1 key-manager.  Evidently GPA didn't cut it and so
they tried Cleopatra and missed with that too

no matter

what matters to me is that I can install the GnuPG package and access it
via ENIGMAIL -- which is a plug-in for the Thunderbird e/mail client

this should be compatible with clients using Microsoft Mail with PGP
desk-top: it is my understanding these things are supposed to be
interoperable as PGP is supposed to be an open standard.  how they got
into this level/version problem with the keys is a bit of a mystery to
me but I think somebody took a shortcut someplace

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