Help with error message in GNUPG 2.0.14

Runa runaprinsloo at
Sun Mar 20 12:06:39 CET 2011


> I'm sorry if this is not the right list to send this to. I'd appreciate it
> if you could refer me to the right place that can deal with my problem.
> I've never had problems with GNUPG 2.0.14 before. Now all of a sudden I
> can't decrypt my files. I get the message: "[filename] contains no value
> encrypted data". I don't know what this means or how to correct it. I'm not
> a programmer and don't have advanced skills. I've used the programme without
> any hassles on XP but now have WIndows 7 Home Premium. It used to work fine
> on WIn7 except that I could not verify and decrypt, only decrypt. I had a
> recent run-in with viruses and set my Avast Free settings to the max. Could
> this be the cause and how do I fix it. If the security software setting is
> not a cause, then what is and how to I fix it.
> Please help. I have a large number of files encrypted and would hate to
> loose my data in them.
> Runa
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