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Sun Mar 20 20:35:23 CET 2011

On 21/03/11 6:11 AM, Jonathan Ely wrote:
> Firstly, what is MUA? I hear that but am not sure what that means.

MUA = Mail User Agent, e.g. Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.
MTA = Mail Transfer Agent, e.g. Sendmail, Postfix, Exchange, etc.

> Secondly, I have disabled that in Thunderbird. I had no idea it
> modified anything; I thought it was simply a text signature that did
> not interfere with Enigmail and GnuPG. Thanks for enabling me to
> understand the complication there.

If a signature is inserted before the message is signed then it will
be included as part of the message body and will be part of the signed
content.  This means it won't break the signature.  If it is inserted
as the message is being sent, but after the message is signed then it
will generate the error seen on the list.

To be sure that a text signature is appended without interfering with
the digital signature, it should appear in the body of the message
when you edit it.  Thunderbird is quite capable of doing this (I have
one, but don't normally include it when posting to lists).


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