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Mon Mar 21 20:46:10 CET 2011

* David Shaw <dshaw at> [110321 20:28, 
  mID <387F8326-47AF-419E-A9A7-7C37D048A0A4 at>]:

> On Mar 21, 2011, at 3:02 PM, Mike Acker wrote:
> > Scenario thus far:
> > 	• Tom Newguy joined my group
> > 	• Tom created a keypair and sent his PUBLIC key to me
> > 	• I have approved his membership in the group
> > 	• I have signed his key and sent his public key with my signature to other members of the group
> > 	• now Tom has left the group
> > Object: to revoke my signature from Tom Newguy's key
> gpg --edit-key (newguyskey)
> revsig
> save

You forgot gpg --send-keys (newguyskey) and the fact that signatures on
a key are actually ment as a statement that the signer has checked the
key owner's identity and not as a sign that someone belongs to a group
or something...

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