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"Robert J. Hansen" <rjh at> writes:

> However, the fact you had a counterforensic tool, *by itself*, would
> probably not rise to the level of something that would be admissible at
> trial -- the same way that, if I was charged with stabbing someone to
> death, the fact I own a shotgun would be inadmissible.  There would need to
> be evidence of it being used unlawfully, like for instance, evidence
> spoilation.

Wasn't  there that case  where the  fact that  someone (a  now convicted
child molester nonetheless, but let's ignore that fact) had some OpenPGP
implementation  on their  computer  was  admitted into  a  US court  and
appeals didn't overturn that admission?

Anyway, we're  getting off-topic. We've already determined  that using a
deniable system might be a bad idea. The thought experiment continues...

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