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Wed Mar 23 03:16:02 CET 2011

 > Err, this is not the kind of direction I wanted this to take.

Even as a 99.44% pure lurker, me neither.

Might I suggest to those who want to argue what the plusses
and minuses are of hiding that it might be good to read Daniel
Solove's (new) Yale Press book, _Nothing to Hide_, or the paper
of the same name which preceded it?

Personally, I do think privacy and security are a zero sum
game in the main, i.e., I agree with Ed Giorgio's commentary
in the New Yorker ("The Spymaster," January 21, 2008) to that
effect.  I don't like it, but what I like is irrelevant.  If
zero-summed-ness is an actual fact of nature, then I'll choose
more privacy and less security as the Internet-of-Things approaches.


A conservative is a socialist who worships order.
A liberal is a socialist who worships safety. 
                        -- Victor Milan', 1999

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