empty file generated when running GPG batch

Lee Elcocks l_elcocks at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Mar 24 16:26:08 CET 2011

Your out put should look like this.
"C:\encryptedfiles\%%F.pgp" %%F
From: jerome at jeromebaum.com
To: johnathan.barbett at elephant.com
Subject: Re: empty file generated when running GPG batch
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 10:53:23 +0000
CC: gnupg-users at gnupg.org

jb1111 <johnathan.barbett at elephant.com> writes:
> Hi, this is running in a batch.  It creates a .pgp file, however that file is
> empty.  Any ideas?
> PATH=C:\Program
> Files\GNU\GnuPG;c:\encryptedfiles;c:\outgoingdropfolder;%PATH%
>>"%TMP%\~encryptlist.txt" DIR /B "C:\outgoingdropfolder"
> PUSHD "C:\outgoingdropfolder"
> pause
> FOR /F "delims=" %%F IN ('MORE ^< "%TMP%\~encryptlist.txt"') DO (
> pause
> IF EXIST %%F (
> pause
> ECHO Password|GPG --batch --encrypt --passphrase-fd 0 -r Publickey -o
> "C:\encryptedfiles\%%F.pgp"
> pause
> )
> )
> DEL "%TMP%\~encryptlist.*"
What does it output? Also, sure you want to echo in the password? Seems
like it's not necessary.
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