Slightly OFF TOPIC - Traffic reverse?

Charly Avital shavital at
Mon May 2 08:34:13 CEST 2011

John Clizbe wrote the following on 5/2/11 2:15 AM:
> Charly Avital wrote:
>> Hi,
>> in the avalanche of news about the [recently] late Osama Bin Laden, I
>> noticed a small item: the area where he was caught had been *also*
>> defined/pinpointed by the lack of cellular phone communications.
> Among other anomalies at the compound: No cell traffic, no internet access,
> burning trash instead of putting it out for pickup, etc...

I heard later on about no internet access and burning trash. I also read
that the compound was located in a densely populated, almost urban area.

Maybe someone will learn from all this (if all this is genuine) that too
much isolation will make you stand out.

An an aside, and this is really off-topic, burning trash instead of
putting out for pickup is a standard and careful procedure in areas
where garbage pick up is not an alternative reliably available. To say
the least.

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