simple gpg syntax question

Yard, John jyard at
Thu May 5 20:40:03 CEST 2011

Forgive the simple gpg syntax issue,

I have 

gpg --verbose --trust-model always --yes --armour --recipient XXXXX_UCLA --encrypt $T1 

which encrpts a file , I would like to sign it in the same command , I would like the output
to be $T1.asc 

if I sign it seperately :

gpg -u UCLA_XXXXXX2009 --sign ucla.asc

I will get ucla.asc.gpg as my signed output , I
Need to have $T1.asc as my output.

I am reverse engineering this system, I
have to emulate the behavior of the original.

So how can I 

gpg -u UCLA_XXXXXX2009 --sign ucla.asc

and have the output be ucla.asc ?



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