Storing secrets on other people's computers

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On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 00:43, Robert J. Hansen <rjh at> wrote:

> > So, put out a bounty.
> You're the one who's talking about basic economics, so let's apply some:
> You want me to put my own money at risk (an incredibly small risk, yes,
> pretty close to epsilon: but not a zero risk) in order so other people can
> feel better about their GnuPG installations -- but not *you*, since you're
> apparently already convinced.
> Makes perfect sense, economically speaking.  You don't bear the risk, so
> you have no incentives to consider -- much less accept the existence of! --
> the downsides.  From my perspective, I have incentives to think about the
> downsides (including the drama downside: see below), and I think you're
> crazy.

As for the drama downside, those people who are "rolling their eyes" are the
crazy ones -- crazy to roll their eyes just because we're having a nice

> > Posting the key here is free, you say. So, there is no contra. Just go
> post it. Basic economics...
> First, I didn't say it.  Daniel said it.

Sorry about that one. Ignore the point then -- you obviously "get" economics
and I apologize for putting that "oh, he says something is free, must be a
really smart chap" label on you. :)

Totally OT, but can you think of an example that is entirely free? As in,
zero theoretical cost? (To put some boundaries on the question, let's assume
we consider only cost to oneself, not cost to society, and as soon as
there's a trade-off to be made -- of any kind -- it's obviously not "free".)

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