Storing secrets on other people's computers

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On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 01:43, Robert J. Hansen <rjh at> wrote:

> > Totally OT, but can you think of an example that is entirely free? As in,
> zero theoretical cost?
> Space.  I'm perfectly happy to sell you a cubic meter of space somewhere
> within a lightyear of Betelgeuse.
> Before anyone thinks I'm being sarcastic, I'm not.  That's a frank and
> honest answer to the question.  For something to have zero theoretical cost,
> it must be available in effectively infinite supply or else have no
> competing uses to which it can be put.

As for a use: prestige?

Also, how about the admin cost of assigning the space?

Nonetheless, it gets incredibly close. I wonder if there might be a cost
involved with acquiring anything -- at the very least, you have to make the
decision to acquire it. But it might not be your decision. <insert long
discussion here about theoretical costs involved with owning something,
obtaining it, knowing that you own it, whether you need to know that you own
something in order to own it, etc.>

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