Best practice for periodic key change?

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Next time can you read the whole email and reply to it as a whole?

As for signature checking, I stand by my point: Over here, signing a
document today and claiming on the signature that it was signed tomorrow is
going to be an offense (if there is a loss to a third party, of course -- a
lie isn't fraud until there is damage).

The post-dated cheque doesn't say "I signed this in the future", but "only
accept this from that point in the future". That's a big difference. As for
the clerk, he's an idiot and probably liable for accepting it. It's not my
problem if people don't check the signature timestamp, I can only do my part
on making the date accurate -- plus maybe educating my recipient on checking
the timestamp.

As for the "expert" witness, you can bring in an expert to claim anything.
That doesn't change the facts and isn't relevant to this argument. You
assumption on what a court would decide is the kind of assumption you said I
can't make -- which, as Hauke points out, I didn't.

As for months vs. years, I wanted a clear example. Doesn't really make a
difference -- 1304780513 is different from 1304780514, and also different
from 1404780513. What's your point? That the guy checking my signature is
being careless by only checking the year? See the clerk point above.

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