Best practice for periodic key change?

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> > I don't think you get what kind of assumption we are
> > talking about. There are two kinds:
> > 1. I assume something is generally true, e.g.: I assume
> > the world is around.
> > 2. I assume something is true within this scope, so I
> > don't have to restate the precondition with every
> > statement I make, e.g.: "assuming y < z, and z < x, we
> > can follow that y < x". It isn't really an argument to
> > say "you can't assume y < z, so the point is invalid".
> I agree that in this specific instance we can assume y < z. I do not
> agree that in general we can assume that an individual with expiry
> dates on their subkeys keeps their master key securely offline.

... which isn't what we were doing. Let me explain that again. Assuming
something "in general" is a type 1 assumption. We were doing a type 2
assumption -- assuming something to simply a point. It would become tedious
to keep writing "if the individual in question keeps their master key
securely offline" before each and every sentence.

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