Problem with the pgp to gpg key migration

vedaal at vedaal at
Tue May 10 19:34:14 CEST 2011

Pramod.R Pramod.R at wrote on
Mon May 9 14:43:06 CEST 2011 :

>1)      Tried exporting the private and the public key from pgp 
using the commands:
pgp -kx " " pubkey.pgp                               
pgp -kx " " sec.pgp ~/.pgp/secring.skr

pgp commandline makes it extremely difficult to extract a secret 

the -kx commands extract only public keys,
(there was a workaround that Disastry showed me once many years 
ago, but i forgot it :-((  since it has been easier to just use the 
following gnupg command) :

gpg --import secring.skr

and gnupg will import both the public and secret keys

(n.b.  if anyone knows the proper pgp commandline syntax to extract 
a pgp secret key from the keyring, please post)



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