How do I list all recipient of a message (including myself)?

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Thu May 12 06:11:14 CEST 2011

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> I am writing application in which I need to know if a GnuPG encrypted
> message was sent to me.  It seems that whenever you list the recipients of a
> message it will list every recipient but you -- even if you're one of them.
>  Surely there's a way to reveal whether or not you're one of those
> recipients...?

There doesn't seem to be a with-colons version of this, but it's a start:

$ gpg -vv --list-only cron.log.gpg
> :pubkey enc packet: version 3, algo 1, keyid 0000000000000000
>         data: [2048 bits]
> gpg: public key is 00000000
> :encrypted data packet:
>         length: unknown
>         mdc_method: 2

Normally, the key IDs would be in there of course, I just always throw them.

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