Installing new version of gpg

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Thu May 26 21:03:02 CEST 2011

Perfect, that's useful.  I see now I should copy the man pages to /usr/local/man so they'll be visible to everyone.  Also, to be save, I'll rename the existing binaries just in case (I'm a bit paranoid).

To recap, I'll run these commands to "install" my new version:

mv /usr/local/bin/gpg       /usr/local/bin/gpg_old
mv /usr/local/bin/gpgsplit  /usr/local/bin/gpgsplit_old
mv /usr/local/bin/gpgv      /usr/local/bin/gpgv_old

ln -s /opt/app/apps/gnupg-1.4.11/bin/gpg       /usr/local/bin/gpg
ln -s /opt/app/apps/gnupg-1.4.11/bin/gpg-zip   /usr/local/bin/gpg-zip
ln -s /opt/app/apps/gnupg-1.4.11/bin/gpgsplit  /usr/local/bin/gpgsplit
ln -s /opt/app/apps/gnupg-1.4.11/bin/gpgv      /usr/local/bin/gpgv

cp /opt/app/apps/gnupg-1.4.11/share/man/man1/* /usr/local/man/man1
cp /opt/app/apps/gnupg-1.4.11/share/man/man7/* /usr/local/man/man7

Thanks so much!  The whole thing was much easier than I anticipated,


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On 5/25/2011 12:55 PM, DUELL, BOB (ATTCINW) wrote:
> A few more questions:

It's hard to give concrete answers without seeing your particular
installation, so please consider these to be semi-educated guesses
rather than things I know to be correct.  :)

> But should I also create these?

No.  You never launch these directly: GnuPG launches them -- and GnuPG
knows where they're located.

> And what about these existing files (copies of which are in
> /usr/local today):

Well, the GnuPG you have in /usr/local no longer needs them -- but it's
possible other software you have in /usr/local relies on it, so I'd
suggest keeping them until/unless you know for a fact nothing else needs it.

> And finally, what about these (which do not exist in /usr/local/share
> today):

Don't need to worry about them.  I'd keep them, myself, but if you
delete them it won't impair GnuPG's functioning.

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