GPG Problem - invalid radix64 character

Casey Jones groups at
Fri May 27 00:04:30 CEST 2011

In the future, instead of GPG or OpenSSL I would suggest an encrypted 
filesystem such as an encrypted folder or partition or Truecrypt volume. 
The advantage of those is that a single bit error is likely to only 
affect one file. If you archive the files before transferring them to 
your encrypted volume, you should archive each 4GB file individually, 
again so that one bit error will only effect one file.

Another kind of archive software to look into is the kind often used on 
binary newsgroups where the archive is split into parts and the parts 
contain error CORRECTING code.

When working with such large amounts of data (or even small amounts) you 
should keep in mind that computer RAM is surprisingly error prone. About 
one in three good quality computers has several memory errors per year 
(the other two out of three tend to have no detected errors). You may 
want to invest in error correcting memory.

Hard drive error rates and speeds can degrade dramatically in the 
presence of excessive sound and vibrations. Other nearby hard drives and 
CD drives can be a problem. Many hard drive enclosures are poorly 
designed in this respect. For best reliability, your drives need to at 
least have rubber mount isolation and sometimes blocking of sound from 
nearby hard drives. CD drives can produce vibrations so bad that basic 
shock mounts can not dampen them sufficiently, so don't run the CD drive 
if error free transfers are critical. But if you rubber mount your hard 
drives, keep in mind that they will loose the metal heat sink effect, 
and so you need to pay extra attention to ventilation and watch out for 

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