[gpgtools-users] [gpgtools-devel] Joint OpenPGP (JS) implementation

David Shaw dshaw at jabberwocky.com
Mon Nov 28 23:17:30 CET 2011

On Nov 26, 2011, at 2:10 PM, Werner Koch wrote:

> On Sat, 26 Nov 2011 18:25, nicholas.cole at gmail.com said:
>> The GPG project itself must have hit many of these issues.  Is there a
> No, we don't.  GnuPG has originally been developed in Germany because we
> have been able to do that without being affected by the US _export_
> restrictions.  We had to reject any contributions from US citizens or
> from people living the the US.  That changed by end of 2000 when the
> export restrictions were basically dropped for all kind of freely
> available software.  In the US you only need to send an announcement
> mail to some address of the US Department of Commerce to contribute to a
> crypto project.  I don't have the details at hand, because I am not
> affected ;-)

I had to do it for years.  For each release of GPG that I contributed to, I sent an email containing a pointer to the new source code to the Commerce Department.  The rules changed slightly in 2004, so that you could send a single email and then be done until the information in that email changed, so I just sent "www.gnupg.org" and haven't bothered with the email since.

The rules: http://www.bis.doc.gov/encryption/pubavailencsourcecodenofify.html
The 2004 rule change: http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/2004/04-26992.htm


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