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Tue Nov 29 22:06:45 CET 2011

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Hi anonymous "Crypto Stick" and OpenPGP card users on Linux,

> You need an appropriate UDEV rule. On Debian you can install...

Thanks for that link!
Will the package find its way to the official debian repositories?

// Historical side note: Once Linux was famous to auto-detect all necessary
// drivers automatically while DOS/Windows did not. Today, it seems,
// situation has switched.

> Alternatively / on other systems you might copy the following UDEV rule...

Oh, I did not know of that, too, thanks. I also have a CryptoStick but prefer
to use my Card since it may remain while transporting the laptop. (No, I am not
concerned that anyone could steal it since I'd know it immediately and revoke.)

After using debian (and sometimes Ubuntu) I thought I'd give Fedora 16 a try.
I was thrilled to see that the fingerprint sensor was supported automatically
but still using OpenPGP SmartCard requires quite some manual tweaking :-(

I looked on the GnuPG homepage first but the HowTo at
has broken/missing links for the two files gnupg-ccid.rules and gnupg-ccid.

I finally found the FSFE HowTo and tried the files from there

My user is member of the scard group.
Yet I still have the same issue as Luis - access as root OK but not als user:

| $ gpg --card-status
| gpg: pcsc_establish_context failed: no service (0x8010001d)
| gpg: Kartenleser ist nicht vorhanden
| gpg: OpenPGP Karte ist nicht vorhanden: Allgemeiner Fehler
| # gpg --card-status
| Application ID ...: D2760001240102000005000002220000
| Version ..........: 2.0
| Manufacturer .....: ZeitControl
| [...]

It seems the above files don't solve my problem since they all trigger on USB
events. However, my PCMCIA based reader Omnikey CardMan 4040 (linked as
supported device on
seems to be PCI based:

lsusb doesn't list it, lspci lists
| 02:04.0 CardBus bridge: Ricoh Co Ltd RL5c476 II (rev b6)
and lspcmcia yields
| Socket 0 Bridge:   	[yenta_cardbus] 	(bus ID: 0000:02:04.0)
| Socket 0 Device 0:	[cm4040_cs]		(bus ID: 0.0)

And I don't know where to look how to compile my own rules for cm4040_cs.
Any help appreciated.

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