How to use terminal to change mac-cache-ttl

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Wed Oct 12 22:25:49 CEST 2011

On 10/12/11 11:44 AM, Vortran66 wrote:
> Thanks for all your effort.  I realize now that changing the cache 
> values involves a little more than changing a few values and that I 
> am probably in way over my head.

It involves editing a couple of configuration files by hand, and
requires you to be a little comfortable with the command-line, yes.
This much is true.  :)

> I am basically just a dumb user

This much is totally bogus.  :)

> who has no real experience programming other than a little COBAL back
> in college 25 years ago (don't laugh).

Laughing at COBOL is sort of like laughing at the Great Pyramids of
Egypt: it tells you a lot more about the person doing the laughing than
it does about COBOL.  Speaking just for myself, I don't laugh at apps
that have been running for five decades without a crash.

> I read the agent-alter PDF and I get the gist of what it does.  My 
> problem is I really unfamiliar with using terminal.

That's not for you, friend.  :)  My goal is to give you a tool you can
easily use to solve your problem.  That PDF was meant more for other
people to review and tell me, "no, you're doing it wrong, you
should...".  (And that was very much worthwhile: Werner pointed me
towards the gpgconf tool, which simplified things a lot.)

Anyway.  You might want to take a look at:

Download it, unzip it, and within there will be an OS X app called
"AlterAgent."  Double-click and you might just get the solution to your
problem.  It might also crash horribly.

*I've only tested it on my own machine.*  No warranties express or
implied, etc., etc.  If it breaks you get to keep both parts.

If you have feedback ("it's great, you're so cool!", or "my Mac is now
on fire and it's all your fault!"), please send it to me directly: don't
spam the list with it, please.  Thanks.  :)

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