STEED - Usable end-to-end encryption

Jean-David Beyer jeandavid8 at
Fri Oct 21 16:12:24 CEST 2011

Matthias-Christian Ott wrote:

> What about making everyone their own provider? The efforts in this
> direction intiated by Eben Moglen that lead to the FreedomBox and other
> projects seem to go in the right direction. It doesn't seem to me less
> realistic than requiring cooperation from providers.
I was my own provider for many years, and that was easy enough. I got a
static IP address from my ISP for $10/month and ran sendmail as my MTA.
I used mutt am MUA.

But when I switched to Verizon as ISP in order to get FiOS, they wanted
$150/month for a static IP address and an additional fee (I forget what
it was) to be allowed to run sendmail as a server.

Verizon is a great ISP 8-( They discontinued Usenet, so I have to pay a
fee to another provider to use Usenet. They did not reduce their fees
when the reduced the level of service. Greed and Profit before Service:
it is the American way. 8-(

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