MS Exchange server corrupting PGP-MIME emails

Phil Brooke pjb at
Mon Oct 31 14:34:38 CET 2011


On Mon, 31 Oct 2011, Werner Koch wrote:
> Obviously there are some kludges in the system to allow sending of 
> signed messages by taking great care not to modify the content.

A remark on these kludges: an S/MIME email from a colleague elsewhere 
using Outlook and their Exchange server was still mangled by our Exchange 
server.  Sending to their Exchange server (avoiding our Exchange server) 
didn't exhibit the same characteristics.  I would have hoped that staying 
entirely within one vendor's tools really should work.

The trigger in both this case (and the example emails I sent earlier) 
appears to be attachments.

Overall, it makes signed emails just so unreliable.  But I guess we 
already knew that.



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