OpenPGP card not working

Martin Gollowitzer gollo at
Sat Sep 3 21:42:36 CEST 2011

* David Robertson <djpeterrobertson at> [110903 11:18, 
  mID <4E61EAAE.20704 at>]:

> Hello,
> I've just bought myself a Gemplus/Gemalto GemPC twin USB smartcard
> reader and a V2.0 OpenPGP card. I'm running Debian Squeeze. I've set up
> udev rules as described here
> .
> However, when I insert my card and type gpg --card-status I get (gpg
> 1.4.10)

My first guess: The Gemalto reader is actually not listed in that udev
file. Can you send me the output of 

$ lsusb

so I can check? There is also a script [1] that does the udev stuff
automatically. I always try to integrate new readers into the script if
someone tells me the USB device ID :-)
Also, you might want to try out the Card howto [2] which is probably the
most up-to-date one around.


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