displaying decrypted plaintext on screen instead of output to file

vedaal at nym.hush.com vedaal at nym.hush.com
Thu Sep 8 20:54:05 CEST 2011

Is there an option in gnupg like the '-m' option in pgp which 
allows the display of decrypted plaintext on the screen instead of 
saving to file, 
even when the file is encrypted 'without' the '--for-your-eyes-
only' option?

I tried:
gpg --for-your-eyes-only file.asc

but gnupg decrypts and saves it to file.txt and doesn't display the 

Also, is it possible to encrypt a short message by entering the 
plaintext string without entering a plaintext filename?
(It wouldn't matter if gnupg saves the ciphertext as an output 

(I know it is trivial to do with a front end that just encrypts 
anything copied to clipboard, but can it be done just from the 
gnupg commandline?)



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