windows binary for gnupg 1.4.11 // link no longer on gnupg site?

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Tue Sep 13 21:43:05 CEST 2011

On Tue, 13 Sep 2011 14:59:03 -0400 Werner Koch <wk at> 

>>I am not sure whether it is worth my time to build future 1.4 
>there are only a very few use cases very it does make sense - if 
>is one at all (Anyone still using NT 3.5 or so?).
>In particular the collected donations of exactly 1 Euro received 
>in the
>6 weeks since we have a donation button is not encouraging me to 
>work on
>a special binary release for an OS and GnuPG version I have no 
>need for.

For all the work that you DO do, you certainly shouldn't have to do 
anything EXTRA you have np need for.

So, if I can make things even a little easier, 
I was able to compile a windows binary for gnupg.1.4.11 from the 
listed sourcecode without too much difficulty,
so am posting this for whomever it might be helpful.

If anyone has any corrections please post, Thanks.


Compiling your own windows binary on windows 
(for people who never used a compiler):

First, download the gnupg 1.x source code from the site, 
and verify the signature and checksum.

Then download MINGW and MSYS from sourceforge,

(click on 'Download mingw-get-inst-20110802.exe (579.4 kB)' , 
this will install all the necessary files).

When installing, make sure that MSYS is checked off in the 
The default is NOT to install it. 

It is much easier to compile things once MSYS is installed, 
as it allows the './configure' command to use the gnupg sourcecode 
to produce everything necessary for the makefile. 
The Installer links MSYS to MINGW automatically.
By default, the installer installs to C:\MinGW and installs msys as 
a subdirectory of C:\MinGW.

Unpack the sourcecode, and for the sake of example in these 
rename it gnupgxyzFMC and copy it to c:\gnupgxyzFMC 
(FMC = For Mingw Compiling  ;-) )

Go to the msys subdirectory of c:\MinGW and click on the 
subdirectory of 1.0, then on msys.bat.

The MinGW-Msys compiler window opens and lists your logon name, 
Type: cd /c:/gnupgxyzFMC and press enter.

Type: ./configure --prefix=/mingw  and press enter.

The compiler checks the sourcecode files for the downloaded 1.x 
gnupg version 
and configures it for compilation on windows using minGW, 
and after many many lines, ends with the following:
config.status: creating po/Makefile
	Version info: gnupg 1.4.11
	Configured for MingW32 (i686-pc-minw32)
(n.b. if you're on 64 bit windows, the above line may be different)

type: make  and press enter.

After the compiler finishes and the $ prompt is shown again, 
the only thing left to do is to, is to type: make install  and 
press enter.

After the compiler finishes, type: gpg --version  and press enter,
and it displays: gpg (GnuPG) 1.4.11

The compiler has succesfully installed gpg.exe, gpgsplit.exe, 
gpgv.exe, and gpg-zip into C:\MinGW\bin
and these can now be copied into whatever homedirectory you want.

Again, my primary interest in this is to update Maxine Brandt's GPG-
to-GO site, in the event that windows binaries for 1.x might not 

If anyone has a simpler way of doing this, or any other 
suggestions, please post,



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