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>vedaal at wrote:
>> BTW,
>> There is a unique advantage to running gnupg from cygwin on 
>> windows, as it's the only way to make use of unix-like commands,
>> (cat, grep, printf, etc.) and pipe them to and from gnupg.
>ONLY? How much effort did you expend looking?
>The MinGW compiler folks provide a little environment called MSYS, 

>for Minimal
>System. It's not meant to be a full-on environment like Cygwin, 
>even though it's
>a fork of an earlier Cygwin, but provides bash and enough tools to 

>run most
>configure scripts and do a reasonable amount of work.  BTW, it's 
>faster than
>Cygwin because it's emulating less.
>IIRC, Mozilla based their Windows build environment on MSYS.
>In addition, there is Microsoft's Services for Unix which is the 
>old Interix

>Another alternative is UWIN, from AT&T's David Korn and Glenn 
>(Umm, yeah /THAT/ Dave Korn.) One used to be able to point cc to 
>either the
>MinGW gcc or to MS' CL. I haven't used it in a while.

>That's just from memory.


I knew about the MSYS method, but not about the others,
but my point was about running gnupg from a flash drive.

I was under the impression that there is no portable way to do that 
on a flashdrive that doesn't have these systems installed on the 
host computer, 
(Is there?? If anyone knows of a way to do it, please post. Thanks.
The only way I could think of is to boot to ubuntu and run gnupg 
from there on the flash drive).

even though gnupg compiled from cygwin can't be put on a flashdrive 
to run from windows, it does have the advantage of the unix-like 

Sorry, about the 'ONLY' ...


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