Obtaining different script results than via command line

Kevin Williams (DL) Kevin.Williams at gkndriveline.com
Fri Sep 30 19:36:03 CEST 2011


I am using gpg on a Linux system.

When I am using the following command line to create an encrypted output
I get a compatible output file.
gpg --armor --recipient "AFG_PROD"  --output file.txt.pgp --always-trust
--encrypt test.txt

When I use the same command line plus a -batch element in a script, the
output file is slightly larger than the command line version and my
recipient can't decode it.
gpg --armor --batch --recipient "AFG_PROD"  --output file.txt.pgp
--always-trust --encrypt file.txt
(also tried without the - -batch)  gpg --armor  --recipient "AFG_PROD"
--output file.txt.pgp --always-trust --encrypt file.txt

All other aspects remain the same:
*	User
*	Directory
*	Input file

I have searched extensively and can find no reason for it to do this.
Does anyone have any recommendations as to what I am overlooking?

Kevin Williams

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