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Mon Apr 2 14:22:07 CEST 2012

On Mon, 02 Apr 2012 11:25:32 +0200
Werner Koch articulated:

> On Sun,  1 Apr 2012 14:19, jerry at said:
> > Sorry, I thought that was obvious. I want to check the file, in this
> > case the ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf file for proper syntax, etc. I am
> > attempting
> Oh sure.
>   gpgconf --check-programs
> checks that all programs are properly installed and that there config
> files are okay.  Here is an en example for the output
>   gpg:GPG for OpenPGP:/usr/local/bin/gpg2:1:1:
>   gpg-agent:GPG Agent:/usr/local/bin/gpg-agent:1:1:
>   scdaemon:Smartcard Daemon:/usr/local/bin/scdaemon:1:1:
>   gpgsm:[...]:/usr[...]gpgsm:1:0:/home/[...]/gpgsm.conf:24:invalid
> option: dirmngr:Directory Manager:/usr/local/bin/dirmngr:1:1:
>   pinentry:PIN and Passphrase Entry:/usr/local/bin/pinentry:1:1:
> The "1:1" test you that everything is fine for that program, the "1:0"
> for gpgsm indicates an error in the config file.  You may also run it
> for a single module:
>   gpg--check-options gpgsm
> which will return just the line for gpgsm.  I just figure that the
> exit code of gpgconf will always be 0 - that is a unfortunate for
> scripts. The reason is that we developed it for a GUI which parsed
> the output.  I will need to check the GUI code to see whether we can
> change it to return 1 on error.

$ gpgconf --check-programs
gpg:GPG for OpenPGP:/usr/local/bin/gpg2:1:1:
gpg-agent:GPG Agent:/usr/local/bin/gpg-agent:1:1:
gpgconf: error running `/usr/local/bin/scdaemon': probably not installed
scdaemon:Smartcard Daemon:/usr/local/bin/scdaemon:0:0:
gpgsm:GPG for S/MIME:/usr/local/bin/gpgsm:1:1:
dirmngr:Directory Manager:/usr/local/bin/dirmngr:1:1:

$ gpgconf --check-options gpg
gpg:GPG for OpenPGP:/usr/local/bin/gpg2:1:1:

However, since I do not have a global gpg configuration file, what
file is it checking, if any? I assume it is not checking the
~/.gnupg.gpg.conf file, since if I try to check it manually with
gpgconf, it reports errors.

Jerry ♔

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