Attaching subkeys to a different master key

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Apr 9 20:31:50 CEST 2012

On Mon,  9 Apr 2012 12:49, gnupg at said:
> Is there a way to detach subkeys from a master key and attach them to
> a different master key? I'm guessing not, but just double checking.

There is no command for this.  If you know the OpenPGP specs you may use
a combination of gpgsplit and a patched version of gpg to do this.  This
is a common question and you may find more answers in the archive.

However, in almost all cases it is not worth the trouble.  Just go ahead
and create a new subkey - OpenPGP applications should handle subkeys
automagically; the interesting piece is the master key (with the
fingerprint) and the signed user ids.

> it wont accept keys exported using --export-secret-subkeys. I was
> hoping to generate a new "fake" master key so I don't need to put my
> real master key on the phone.

That won't work in practice because you would end up with a different
fingerprint.  What about fixing APG?



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