Incorrect send-from

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Tue Apr 10 21:34:09 CEST 2012

I inadvertently sent an email to these lists a bit ago from my work
email account rather than my home one.  My apologies to all who were
confused by the new email address.  I was writing in a personal
capacity, not a professional one.

Since some of these lists reject and/or hold-for-moderation posts from
unknown addresses, I'm reposting the message here:


A few weeks ago I posted a link to a report from Kyrus which called into
question the effectiveness of virtually all antivirus products.  SANS
has done their own analysis, starting from a completely different
methodology, and has reached much the same results.

The takeaway for GnuPG users is this:

        * Keeping your system malware-free is of paramount
          importance.  Once someone else controls your PC,
          it's all over.

        * AV is of very limited utility.  Nobody is saying
          not to use it, nor that it's of no use at all.
          However, at present the evidence suggests none of
          us should consider our machines safe just because
          we have AV installed and keep it up to date.

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