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John Clizbe JPClizbe at
Tue Apr 24 01:24:01 CEST 2012

Mustrum wrote:
> How can we use private IPs ?
See below.
>>OK, here's my list of addresses:
>>	booboo	# Windows 2003 Svr[*]
>>	yogi	# Slackware Linux
>>	picnic	# Slackware Linux
>>	basket	# MacOS X
>>	horse	# Solaris 10
>>	nell	# Solaris 10
Faramir wrote:
>   I'd also keep 1 or 2 addresses to keyservers, just in case one day
> the pool has troubles.

Well,... that's _my_ list of keyservers. You are correct that they are
private IP addresses. There are over 110 SKS keyservers online right
now. They're not all in datacenters. :-)  If you have a local keyserver
it doesn't make a lot of sense to go hit the router only to be port
forwarded back to the local IP address.

If a public facing server ( or ) goes down for some reason, another can be put in
place with a couple mouse clicks. They all "talk amongst themselves" so
they are all always up-to-date.

Why do I have 5 1/2 keyservers running on my local net?
I do a "fair" amount of code work on SKS, the keyserver platform,

Production and test boxes for two public facing keyservers gets me four
of those. They're also used to test for portability to other operating
systems. (Who would think one could run SKS on Windows? sks-db works
fine. Still have timing issues with sks_recon.)

There was a DNS issue some time back. That led to the addition of a
large number of secondary nameservers. Kristian Fiskerstrand has also
been working on the pool selection code to make it more robust.
[sks-devel] is a fairly quiet group, but we're attentive and working.


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