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Thu Aug 2 17:35:01 CEST 2012

Werner Koch:
> On Wed,  1 Aug 2012 18:54, auto15963931 at said:
>> I already have Gpg installed, as well as GPA, but I have not used them
>> for smime, which is, I think, what I hear you say I can do? In any case,
> If you have X.509 certifciates (from S/MIME) oth, GPA and Kleopatra,
> will show them along with the OpenPGP certifciates.
>> when I right-click the certificate in Win7, I see no option that would
>> lead me to believe that my system is currently capable of viewing this
> The GnuPG implementation is independent of the Windows S/MIME
> implementation.  Thus you can't see them there unless you export them
> from GnuPG and import them into Windows.
> The Gpg4win compendium (English beta version) describes this all.

I tried looking at this certificate with GPA but it failed to import it,
etc. It said there were no keys. On the other hand, I would like to be
able to simply view this certificate to see its content: signer,
authority, expiration, etc. Is this possible using anything from gnupg
program or GPA. For example, I was able to locate a program on the web
that allowed me to view the detached smime.p7s signature file. I am
looking for this kind of functionality with gpg or gpa.  This is the
program I found:

I don't really want to make use of any program like this if I can get
the same information with my existing programs, but this functionality
is what I want. With it I can read everything about this certificate. Is
doing this much possible? Thanks.

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