what is killing PKI?

Stan Tobias sttob at mailshack.com
Sat Aug 25 16:33:16 CEST 2012

As this thread is turning into a general discussion on privacy and
encryption, I would like just to add one more to the garden of thoughts.
I'm not making any argument for or against, I just want to say some people
find (forced) privacy detrimental, especially in a broad social context.

Faramir <faramir.cl at gmail.com> wrote:
>    IMHO, the main trouble probably is people don't feel the need to
> protect their privacy. If they don't feel that need, why should they
> bother in learning, or even asking about privacy software?

Some time ago, reading a discussion I noticed this particular
argument against encrypting file-sharing traffic, which can be
summarized/paraphrased as:

  "We don't want encryption, we want file-sharing be legal."

It's a strong political statement.  While privacy is important, you
don't win anything if you *have to* hide.  Freedom is often fought for
by asserting your rights.

>    Maybe we should dress in transparent clothes, and say "we don't
> have anything to hide" if people ask us why are using that clothes. It
> might be complemented by a banner saying "I'm NOT SHOWING my body,
> it's just I'm NOT HIDING it".
>     But first we need to save money to pay the fines.
                ^^^^^^^                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
This.  I wonder how certain societies got convinced that just being
nude - the most natural, beautiful and human thing - was indecent
and/or illegal.  Surely not because everyone was dressed?  Or?

Regards, Stan.

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