what is killing PKI?

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Nice angle Stan.

Peter M , you sir are on point.

Faramir,  my personal perspective is that good software should be
like..  gnu/linux. Simply enough for simpletons/ average joes/janes to
use,but adaptable enough to grow and adapt to meet the needs and skill
of the user. 

Robert Hansen -  (You share a name with an infamous traitor) , at the
risk of sounding rude,  You didn´t have to be an arrogant asshole
ravaging everyone with your prick of peer-review..Not everyone respects
the words of academics who for the most part,  have never placed their
lives, or the lives of others on the safety of crypto. Try
peer-reviewing that.. Sending 30 Israeli academics to Iran to relay 
¨-R´d¨ traffic just for shits and giggles, and having to hope that they
didnt make a mistake lest they be hanging from a ceiling with a hot
poker in the bum. Johnny will surely encrypt then.. Or squeal. So stop
being a dick and allow people to share their views. The rest of us don´t
give a fuck about what you will be happy to read, or not read. So come
off your high-horse, and join the rest of the lot. Or join me, in a
warzone, where crypto keeps my secrets, and my life.. pretty snug. For

Stay safe..
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