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On 08/27/2012 11:00 PM, Mark H. Wood wrote:
> Why is it a problem that most people don't see value in signing and
> encryption?
-> People are generally complacent, narrow-minded, emotional beings who
for the most part, see little value in long-term thinking? The question
posed here is the same as to why organizations/individuals for the most
part don´t value compsec until after they have been adversely affected.
>  answer is a selfish one:  because I do, and I want to be able to
> have the benefit of those techniques in dealing with others.
-> Agreed.. We all have self-interests. :-).
> I want to be able to (for example) exchange information with my doctor
> by email.  He has to deal with privacy laws.  Theoretically, encrypted
> email could satisfy that requirement (and mine too).  (No, I haven't
> tried to apply HIPAA to OpenPGP.  But it's worth thinking about.)
-> Agreed. 
> I want to no longer have to fiddle with closed email systems that
> require me to go to my bank's website to exchange written messages
> with my banker.
> I want to see those techniques replace the basketful of "enhanced"
> authentication methods I have to deal with at various vendors' sites.
> Anybody with a little time can look up my mother's maiden name, or any
> of a dozen other things that some people think are soooo secret.  I
> have little if any confidence in what they are doing; I'd rather
> exchange certificates and keep my credentialling secrets entirely off
> the 'net.
-> Agreed with you, good luck trying to tell the average person why they
need this, and in my personal experience, the avg. gpg user, is a FOSS
nut, that believes in signing keys , and putting your key on a
keyserver.. No thanks..

> Like the guy with the first telephone, I need for lots of other people
> to adopt the same technology in order to make it an everyday tool for
> me rather than an expensive plaything.
> I think that all this goes a lot deeper than technology.  I think that
> we don't do enough to make thinking about trust and privacy part of
> the normal way we interact.  Children are taught to use locks and
> sealed envelopes, but they are not taught to generalize these acts.

I endorse your views..
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