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> Subject: Can IPAD or Android Tablets create Keys and use gnupg
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> Can IPAD or ANDROID TABLETS create gnupgp private/public keys and use
> gnupg or is that still relegated to Windows/Vista, Mac OSX and Linux
> on desktop and laptop/notebook computer platforms?

For Android the OpenPGP app APG is available.
Of course, I am certain people on this list may have opinions regarding
the wisdom of using it. ;-) The source code is available at

Then again, I must confess I only keep public keys and no private ones
on the app. I find it pretty convenient to be able to encrypt notes or
files while "on the move/road/run", especially if I need to store them
temporarily at a cloud service.
Also, my default mail client on Android is K-9 which integrates pretty
nicely with the APG, so I can send messages to those friends that are
actually using GPG/OpenPGP. (All two of them).

Sin T.

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