what is killing PKI?

Stan Tobias sttob at mailshack.com
Wed Aug 29 09:50:40 CEST 2012

"Stan Tobias" <sttob at mailshack.com> wrote:

>  but generally people
> don't like to be excluded, people want everyone to be open.

What I should have added here, is that it's a symmetric relation, and
people normally don't like to exclude others, as well.  Avoiding others
is not a trait of _usual_ _social_ behaviour, and by extension, I argue
that encryption might not be compatible with how people normally act or
perceive the world around them.

It's not an argument against encryption as such, but rather against
ubiquitous encryption.  I argue that when Johnny doesn't have anything
to hide, maybe there are good (social) reasons why he abstains from
encrypting, either consciously or unconsciously, not him just being lazy
or incapable.


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