adieu mes amis

peter.segment at peter.segment at
Fri Aug 31 18:33:03 CEST 2012

Well, it's been a month of, for me, very illuminating reading.

I am not a subscriber, as I prefer to read the list content
only occasionally, on-line, if and when I need it; so every
post I sent had to pass the moderators, for which I would
like to thank them. (This might have also been the reason
I had to watch my words more carefully than if this was not
the case, and more carefully than some :)

I'd like to thank everyone who contributed and bid adieu to
you all. But before doing so, I'd like to share with the list
the most important conclusion I've reached:

GPG has, primarily because the WOT, developed a "community" more
than a "user base". User populations are amorphous, pragmatic
and non-ideological; while communities develop shared views that
can border on ideologies.

GPS community is ideological: it is not enough to use encryption,
it is important that one is seen to do so. Any desire to hide the
fact that one is communicating in this manner is met, on principle,
with disapproval.

Is the primary reason for noticeable absence of support and
helpful suggestions to Alice and her friends in C-Z/SUV this
ideology I believe I detect, or is it perhaps because the tool
itself has been built-up too high based on the fundamental premise
that all of its users will want not only to use it, but also to be
seen to use it, I can't quite tell.

Helpful suggestions have been few and far between, and any
likelihood of more appearing is waning. Should anyone happen to
have some in the future, please feel free to contact me off-list.

Best to you all,

Peter M.

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