Keypad support for PC/SC card readers?

Selene Feigl crypto at
Sun Dec 2 10:57:27 CET 2012

Am 02.12.2012 01:19, schrieb Hauke Laging:
> Am Sa 01.12.2012, 22:47:17 schrieb Selene Feigl:
>> This refers to regular card usage (signing and ecryptoing a file to myself
>> and decrypting it afterwards). I was asked to enter the PIN for these
>> operations on the text console for both operations.
> There is an option for scdaemon which prevents PIN pad usage:
> --disable-keypad
> Is that in the config file?

There was no scdaemon.conf yet - so I suppose the answer is no.

I suppose gnupg tries to detect whether a keypad is available. Is that
logged? Which debugging level would be needed.

Note: that is a PC/SC reader without CCID

Selene Feigl

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