OT: USB key with hardware encryption?

Mark H. Wood mwood at IUPUI.Edu
Mon Dec 3 15:43:25 CET 2012

Not to discount the value of media with built-in encryption hardware,
but...maybe you should also try the same methods as secure couriers in
the movies: attach the USB drive to a cord or chain clamped to your
wrist, so that it can't leave you without your knowledge.  You can
probably adapt a simple, cheap lanyard made for carrying thumb drives.

Losing control of your information is bad, but so is losing your work
and your valuable equipment.  Combining high- and low-tech measures
seems appropriate.

Of course there's also the lowest tech of all: designate a secure
place (a buttoned-flapped or zipped pocket, for example, or even a
money belt or a traveller's concealed document shoulder pouch) in which
you will carry the medium, and write out a checklist to make certain
that you've followed your procedure.

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