OT: USB key with hardware encryption?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Mon Dec 3 18:01:00 CET 2012

> [1] Instead of encrypting the entire USB, put several truecrypt voulmes on the USB, and leave a good amount of empty space on the USB , (e.g. 4 gig) , that you don't use for anything but the files you want to print or scan.

Yes, USB Sticks all get sold with an MBR,
but few end users seem to re-partition with Fdisk (or other),
On an 8G stick on a key ring (thus risk of loss) I have:
	1 G DOS FS, empty, first partition to make it easy for import/export
		 when visiting, eg would be seen by OP's scanner at work) 
	4 G Bootable OS (FreeBSD), for rescuing other PCs, & running from live.
	3 G Crypted file system with private data.

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