[guardian-dev] WOT and Authentication Research

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Thu Dec 6 11:43:43 CET 2012

Werner Koch:
> On Wed,  5 Dec 2012 23:15, patch at cs.ucsb.edu said:
>> And of course the last issue is finding a sane way for user's to store
>> and use private keys. Hence the PSST project and the eventual idea of
> PSST?  That used to be the working title for a free implementation of
> ssh back in 1997.  iirc, I sent the first announcement of gpg to the
> psst mailing list.

I think we all tend to make some similar bad jokes in the crypto community.

PSST in our case is Portable Shared Security Tokens, which is meant to
be our concept for syncing private and public keys of all sorts between
different devices and apps.


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