mutt message "skipped: public key already present"

ilf ilf at
Sat Dec 15 18:49:47 CET 2012

Christian Aistleitner:
>>> skipped: public key already present
>>> Press any key to continue.
>> How can I disable having to press a key after this message or disable it 
>> completely?
> So if you set encrypt-to to your own key, and Cc to yourself, your key 
> would be added twice to this list, and GnuPG warns against this.
> mutt in turn sees that pgp_encrypt_only_command resulted in some 
> output on stderr and therefore pauses so you can read the output. 
> IIRC, mutt does not allow to skip the waiting (as $wait_key does not 
> apply here). pgpewrap does not allow to mangle stderr. GnuPG does not 
> allow to turn this logging off.

Right. I would like to disable this warning in GnuPG.

Back in 2001, Werner Koch <wk at> said on this list:

> I should better output thsoe messages only in verbose mode.

Has that ever happened? Does anyone know how to do that?

> Maybe mutt's fcc_clear covers your use case?

Thanks for that hint. But I prefer keeping mails sent encrypted also 
encrypted locally.


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