Elliptic curves in gnupg status?(ECC support)

Thomas Demers phonetree.oo at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 03:14:49 CET 2012

Hey,  I found the discussion in this newsgroup linked to  below.  It
was last posted to in 2010.  Looked like ECC support was coming, but
as far as I can tell GPG doesn't support ECC yet.  Is it on it's way?

I was just thinking maybe the messages could be short enough yet
moderately secure, to send over SMS, due to the shorter key sizes?
You wouldn't get much payload space, but maybe a little?

In any case ECC is the way of the future for public key crypto is it
not?  So it's really a pretty desirable feature.  I just found out
bitcoin is based on ECC.


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